Investors have changed the rules in Private Equity.

What’s your strategy?

Cobalt GP is the powerful Private Equity software GPs use to build a winning LP strategy.

The Cobalt GP Private Equity Software Platform.

Empowers managers to discover how LPs view and evaluate them.

Provides the tools and resources needed to take back control of the conversation.

Gives managers the insight needed to build meaningful relationships with their investors.


Get a 360-degree view of your firm and fund from the perspective of the LP

Your track record – view your track record like you’ve never seen it before—from the perspective of the LP

Competition – get an in-depth understanding of where you fit into the competitive set

Benchmarking – benchmark across multiple metrics and methodologies using the industry’s most comprehensive data set

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Obtain meaningful LP insights in order to better position your fund and firm

LP portfolio analysis – position your fund by knowing how you’d build value into the investor’s strategy

Funds in market – understand the competition during fundraising to focus your strategy

Attribution analysis – highlight best-performing portfolio companies and uncover value-adding characteristics

Analytics – leverage the data and tools LPs are using to speak their language and anticipate their questions 

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Build trust and confidence with your investors

LP requests – respond to LP requests quickly and easily

Quarterly communications – keep your LPs informed using dynamic and easily-sharable data

Transparency and trust – use transparent data and clear-cut analytics for LP communications that build trust 

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Why Choose Cobalt GP as your
Private Equity Software Platform?

Bison and Hamilton Lane have partnered to build a groundbreaking technology that changes the private equity landscape. Cobalt gives general partners a unique dataset and technology that allows them to view their firm and fund exactly how investors view them. Armed with this information, Cobalt GP users have greater control over their story and are able to build stronger relationships with their investors.

Key Features and Functionality of Cobalt GP

Funds in market

LP portfolio fit

PDF export

Custom reporting

Peer tracking

Time weighted return calculations

PME calculations across public market indices

Currency conversions

Peer comparison

Chart creation and excel export

Industry benchmarking data

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The Ground is Shifting in Private Equity.

Today, LPs have access to more data, ask tougher questions, complete extensive due diligence, and review more options than ever before. The market is highly saturated and specialized, making competition for LP attention more difficult.

For GPs to get ahead and stay ahead, in today’s environment, they need much more than an excellent network, impressive track record and good reputation. They require a deep understanding of how LPs think, as well as the ability to turn that insight into action.

That’s why we created Cobalt. With this powerful platform, we put the power of LP insight in the hands of the GP.

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“This is really a question of evolve or be left behind.”
– Erik Hirsch, Hamilton Lane

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