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Cobalt GP is a software platform that enables managers to use their track record as a lens to analyze the private markets.

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Powered by proprietary datasets

Bison’s market data

Hamilton Lane’s FIND data

Russell Indexes data

MSCI Global Equity Indexes and FX data

Public company data

About Cobalt Data

How GPs Use Cobalt

Align IR teams and Senior Management around market positioning

Understand how you’re different to position your brand more effectively
Hone in on your competitive peer set based on a deep understanding of their behavior
Provide more robust, timely and transparent management reporting
Increase firm-wide transparency

Engage and market effectively with customized LP intelligence

Target LPs based on how they are investing vs. how you’re benchmarking
Provide Senior Management with crucial reports on LPs before key meetings
Communicate using proprietary benchmarks from Hamilton Lane and Bison

Use your team’s time differently

Shift analysts’ time from managing Excel spreadsheets to providing actionable insights for your firm
Leverage innovative models and intelligence tools
Access industry leading private market datasets in one integrated platform

What makes Cobalt GP Different?

Contextual Intelligence vs. Generic Information

Because all insights from Cobalt are based on a GP’s proprietary data, every GP using our platform gets contextual perspective rather than the same information every other GP sees from generic databases.

Proprietary Data

Cobalt GP is built on top of a proprietary data set that you can’t get anywhere else. Analysis and insight is only as powerful as the data that informs it.

Innovative Technology

Cobalt’s technology is grounded in best in class design and innovation. GPs choose Cobalt because of the superior user experience and platform flexibility.

Expedited Onboarding

With Cobalt, managers are up and running within 2 weeks. There’s no lag time between onboarding and getting value from the platform.

Hamilton Lane + Bison = Powerful Partnership

Industry leader Hamilton Lane, and technology disruptor, Bison, came together to create Cobalt. The result? Better technology for LPs and GPs based on expertise and innovation.

Industry Leading Analytics

From developing our own PME methodology to introducing fund modeling technology – Cobalt is leading the industry in analytics for the private markets.

Customers having success
with Cobalt GP

“We are able to better position ourselves from a differentiation standpoint.”

Shant Mardirossian, a Partner and Chief Operating Officer
Kohlberg & Company

“The Cobalt platform is a powerful tool for analyzing and benchmarking our performance and will enhance the dialogue we have with our investors.”

Neil Harding, Director of Fund Management

“We are excited to start using the powerful Cobalt GP platform for deeper intelligence and insights as well as access to proprietary data, such as the Hamilton Lane Benchmark.”

Ken O’Keefe, Managing Director and COO
Vestar Capital Partners

“What stood out for us was Cobalt’s technology.  Their platform has insights we can’t get elsewhere and that really helps us to stand out in the vast GP universe and have more meaningful conversations with LPs.”

Tim Poch, CFO
Bernhard Capital Partners