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Connect your track record and fund accounting data.  Let Cobalt GP do the rest.

Connect your data

Run customized analysis

Export beautiful reports
and visuals


Understand what your data is
telling you

Measure investment performance
Evaluate sources of value creation
Visualize insights around portfolio companies
Quarterly Reporting

Respond quickly and transparently

Track deals and client positions
Respond to information requests
Automate benchmark and portfolio reviews


Create proactive LP communications

Personalize marketing materials
Communicate investment strategy
Expand market research on LPs and Peers


Tell your story

Cobalt GP’s custom attributes and metrics allow you to track data points that matter to you.


Preserve your workflow

Cobalt GP seamlessly integrates with lots of data sources to meet your unique analysis and reporting  needs.

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February 21, 2018

Breaking Down the Implementation-focused Sales Process

Customers having success with Cobalt

“We are able to better position ourselves from a differentiation standpoint.”

Shant Mardirossian, a Partner and Chief Operating Officer
Kohlberg & Company

“The Cobalt platform is a powerful tool for analyzing and benchmarking our performance and will enhance the dialogue we have with our investors.”

Neil Harding, Director of Fund Management

“We are excited to start using the powerful Cobalt GP platform for deeper intelligence and insights as well as access to proprietary data, such as the Hamilton Lane Benchmark.”

Ken O’Keefe, Managing Director and COO
Vestar Capital Partners

“What stood out for us was Cobalt’s technology.  Their platform has insights we can’t get elsewhere and that really helps us to stand out in the vast GP universe and have more meaningful conversations with LPs.”

Tim Poch, CFO
Bernhard Capital Partners