Create Custom Portfolio Characteristics
and Operating Metrics

Cobalt GP allows you to organize your portfolio by categories that are meaningful to you. Custom metrics give you the ability to track quantitative values that are unique to your strategy and firm.


Customized Geographic Regions

Need to compare deals by region?

  • Use the custom attributes feature to create geographic groupings specific to your fund strategy
  • Run customized analysis of your portfolio with your fund-specific regional categories
  • Add additional geographies as needed


Granular Sectors

Industry standard sector categories often fail to properly define the characteristics of companies in emerging or niche industry verticals

  • Use custom sectors to create accurate classifications for portfolio reporting
  • Highlight various industry expertise with performance analysis organized by custom sectors
  • Add additional categories as needed

Custom Metrics

Fund-specific Operating Metrics

The custom metrics feature allows you to create and track operating metrics that highlight unique KPIs of each of your portfolio companies 

  • Enterprise Value/Revenue multiple
  • Income Yield
  • Price/Barrel
  • CapEx