Did you know that the average buyout fund takes 7.6 years to achieve a 1.0x DPI multiple? Or that the average venture capital fund takes 8.4 years to achieve this same milestone? Why does this even matter for a GP?

The statistics are the result of j-curve analysis.

Understanding the significance of the j-curve to LPs – and what that means for GPs – our research team decided to analyze the PE industry with the j-curve in mind.

Our report explores:

  • Why are LPs paying attention to the j-curve?
  • Which strategies are delivering value most quickly?
  • Is the buyout j-curve consistent across economic cycles?
  • What does buyout vs. venture look like from the j-curve perspective?

Our analyses include:

  • Cash flow j-curve by industry analysis
  • Buyout j-curve by time period analysis
  • Time to Max Outflow (Buyout vs. Venture)
  • Time to Break-Even (Buyout vs. Venture)
  • Detailed commentary by Michael Roth, CFA

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