Cobalt GP Data Integrations

With Cobalt GP, all the data you need is in one place, so you spend less time managing data and more time delivering insights.

Private Markets Data

Fund Manager Data

Cobalt’s manager data comes directly from LPs and tracks fundraising and performance of private markets for over four decades

Investor Data

Analyze over four decades of private equity commitments made by institutional investors, representing over $700B of current NAV

Forward Calendar

Our list of projected and currently fundraising firms, curated through Hamilton Lane and Bison, is the most comprehensive in the market

Public Markets Data

FX Conversions

Partnering with MSCI, Cobalt provides a comprehensive tool for daily conversions of over 65 currencies

Public Company Data

Cobalt GP integrates with YCharts allowing you to create deal analyses that compare public companies to private ones

Public Market Index Returns

Bison also partners with Russell Investments and MSCI to bring
you leading public markets data


US Buyout

Our broadest market benchmark, which tracks $1.44T of buyouts funds raised in the US

US Venture Capital

Our most popular benchmark that provides insights on the high growth segment of the US market

Natural Resources

Keep track of the global energy markets with Bison’s energy-focused benchmark

Asia Buyout

Bison’s Asia benchmark provides insights on performance trends in China and India

European Buyout

Bison’s European benchmark provides insights on private equity performance in the region

Hamilton Lane Benchmark

Hamilton Lane is a global investment management firm tracking the global private markets portfolios across hundreds of investors

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