Bison, a technology company in Boston, MA, announced today that Vestar Capital Partners, a leading U.S. middle-market private equity firm, has adopted the Cobalt GP platform.

Cobalt GP is the new, disruptive technology that changes how GPs position, communicate value, and engage with LPs. Cobalt GP is uniquely able to do this by bringing together proprietary data sets and analyses that have always existed in silos – and juxtaposing that powerful intelligence with a client’s unique data. With Cobalt GP, managers have a complete view of the market, their firm and fund, as well as their LPs.

“We built the Cobalt platform specifically to help GPs gain a better presence in the market, understand how LPs are thinking about their firm and their competition, and engage in more meaningful and relevant ways with their investors,” said Rasmus Goksor, Co-Founder and CEO of Bison. “We’re definitely very excited to welcome Vestar on board.”

“Knowledge is power. The more we know about how we are positioned in the market – and how LPs are evaluating us – the better we can communicate with them,” said Ken O’Keefe, Managing Director and COO of Vestar. “We saw immediately how Cobalt’s Fund Benchmark Reports and transparent data set could help us do that.”

About Bison: Founded in 2011, Bison – which stands for Boston Illiquid Securities Offering Network – focuses on innovative technology for private markets. The company’s products currently serve some of the industry’s leading private equity firms and investors, including large buyout and venture capital firms, leading endowments and foundations, as well as private and public pensions.

About Vestar: Vestar Capital Partners is a leading U.S. middle-market private equity firm specializing in management buyouts and growth capital investments. Vestar invests and collaborates with incumbent management teams and private owners to build long-term enterprise value, with a focus on Consumer, Healthcare, and Business Services and Industrial Products. Since Vestar’s founding in 1988, Vestar funds have completed 78 investments in companies with a total value of more than $46 billion. For more information, please visit

About Bison

Bison, the firm behind Cobalt GP, is a Boston-based fintech company focused on building innovative technology for the private markets. Bison's business intelligence software and powerful data sets are leading the way in the technology and data revolution for the PE industry.

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